The European security research programme under Horizon 2020: the “Secure societies” challenge

As part of the “Secure societies” challenge defined under Horizon 2020, the EU funds research and innovation projects that serve to improve civil security for European society and its citizens as well as making the European security industry more competitive.

Das europäische Sicherheitsforschungsprogramm in Horizont 2020: Die Herausforderung „Sichere Gesellschaften“

European Union, 2013

The “Security” area of the 7th research framework programme is being continued under the new framework programme for research and innovation, “Horizon 2020”, as part of the “Secure societies” challenge. Between 2014 and 2020, the European Union will be providing a total of 1.7 billion euros of funding for this challenge.

Being a framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020 will foster innovation in European security research in the form, for example, of “Pre-commercial procurement” (PCP). This will lead to significant synergies between national and European security research. The BMBF will utilise European security research to take research priorities initiated at the national level and continue them at the European level so as to promote further innovation.

As part of the “Secure societies” challenge, funding will be granted for the following priorities:

  • Combating crime, illegal trafficking and terrorism, including understanding and tackling terrorist ideas and beliefs
  • Protection for and increased resilience of critical infrastructure, supply chains and transport systems
  • Increased security through border surveillance
  • Improved computer and network security
  • Increased European resilience to crises and disasters
  • Ensuring privacy and freedom, including on the internet, plus a better understanding of the social, legal and ethical factors involved in all areas of security, risk and hazard prevention
  • Promotion of system standardisation and interoperability, including systems used in emergencies
  • Support for the European Union’s external security policy, including conflict prevention and peace building