Research projects under the European security research programme

A wide range of projects receive funding through the European security research programme. Apart from technical solutions, they also cover societal aspects and scenario-based security research.

Forschungsprojekte der europäischen Sicherheitsforschung

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A characteristic element of European security research (and national security research) is the projects’ focus on application in practice. They consider the entire innovation chain, from academic research to industry to the end user. However, merely developing and deploying security technology is not enough. The projects’ comprehensive solutions are therefore also assessed on the basis of ethical, legal and data-protection aspects.

All projects are assessed in ethical terms by independent evaluators before they start. The resulting recommendations are then acted on in the funded projects. The ethical, legal and/or data-protection aspects of the projects can also be monitored during implementation if this is deemed necessary.

Information on all projects funded under the European security research programme can be found on the website of the EU’s Community Research and Development Information Service.