Protection of critical infrastructure

Operational, resilient infrastructure is crucial to society and the economy and thus particularly deserving of protection.

Schutz kritischer Infrastrukturen

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Critical infrastructure facilities supply electricity, water, internet and other important goods and services to private households, businesses and public administration bodies. Even small faults can exacerbate each other and cause bottlenecks and significant losses to the economy. Infrastructure interdependencies can result in cascade effects, which can lead to failures spreading to affect huge areas. There is a particular risk in the case of prolonged power failures. Furthermore, critical infrastructure may become more vulnerable as networked information and communication technology increasingly pervades all areas of our lives.

This means that public and private infrastructure operators alike face the challenge of maintaining Germany’s high level of security and adapting it to new risks. The “Protection of critical infrastructure” section of the programme therefore deals with security scenarios in which critical supply infrastructures are threatened or hit by attacks, major accidents or natural disasters.

The funding focuses on a wide range of topics, from research on the prevention and early detection of new vulnerabilities to prevention of cascade effects to continued development of strategies for crisis management and emergency supply.

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