Protection and rescue of people

Protecting the public from risk is one of a government’s core tasks.

Schutz und Rettung von Menschen

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Civil protection in Germany works well and is based on high technical and organisational standards. The high level of protection is largely due to the efforts of innumerable full-time and volunteer helpers in public and private organisations. Nonetheless, fire brigades, police forces, emergency services and the authorities responsible at the national, federal-state and local level are faced with the task of coping with increasingly complex major incidents. In particular, risks are posed by transregional and transborder incidents, which can be triggered by natural disasters but also by technical faults or human error.

It is for this reason that the “Protection and rescue of people” section of the “Research for Civil Security” programme focuses on solutions and strategies designed to ensure the best possible level of both civil protection and operational capability on the part of all rescue and emergency services. The challenges involved range from operation and crisis management in disaster scenarios to safeguards against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards and explosive materials (CBRNE hazards) to prevention and management of epidemics and pandemics.

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