Protection against crime and terrorism

In international competition between businesses and economies, “Made in Germany” symbolises technological progress and high quality. Consequently, protecting core technological capability and business expertise against criminal acts is key to preserving Germany’s innovative capacity and economic power.

Schutz vor Kriminalität und Terrorismus

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With the onset of globalisation and free exchange of goods, data and capital, the worldwide threat from new and networked forms of crime and terrorism has grown. Both major corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises increasingly find themselves at threat from internal and external risks stemming from organised economic crime or industrial espionage.

The attacks in Paris and Berlin are clear reminders of the direct impact of radicalism and terrorism on government and society.

The activities in the “Protection against crime and terrorism” section of the programme set out to conduct research on new organisational and technical preventive and investigative possibilities. They look at methods for analysing and assessing future risks, measures to prevent and solve cases of criminal or terrorist activity and solutions with which to strengthen security competence in businesses and among the public.

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