“German applicants fit for Europe” scheme

The “German applicants fit for Europe” scheme expands the support provided by the BMBF to German actors in order to give them even better preparation for European applications and to improve their chances of receiving funding for the project proposals they submit.

Maßnahme „Deutsche Antragsteller fit für Europa“

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Since the launch of the European security research programme in 2007, German actors have been working in research alliances with international partners with the aim of increasing civil security at the European level as well as at home. Thanks to the support measures conducted in the 7th research framework programme, there has been a continuous increase in the success rate of German applicants in European security research and German actors are already among the top performers in Europe. The intention is to build on this good foundation in Horizon 2020. To do this, the BMBF will be adding a scheme entitled “German applicants fit for Europe” to supplement the support it already gives to German actors.

The “German applicants fit for Europe” scheme comprises three instruments:

  • Flagship projects – Pooling of expertise with the aim of making civil security research in Germany more Europe-focused, raising Germany’s profile as a contributor to dedicated European research themes and promoting transnational cooperation
  • Future Call and Call Now – Funding specifically for end users and SMEs to expand transnational networking
  • Increased visibility of national security research in Europe with the aim of strengthening transnational collaborations.