Funding through the European security research programme

Funding for projects for the “Secure societies” challenge is granted on the basis of calls for project proposals. The specific topics eligible for funding through the calls, which are usually published one a year, are defined in the work programme for a period of two years. 

Förderung im europäischen Sicherheitsforschungsprogramm / alexl

Current calls

The current work programme (2016/2017) (PDF file) is available on the European Commission website.

Information on the current calls for project proposals can be found on the European Commission Participant Portal.

The participant portal also provides a step-by-step guide on “How to participate”.


Information for applicants:

Funding applications must specifically address one of the topics mentioned in the call. The aims, method, partner structure and form of utilisation of the project for which funding is being requested must adhere strictly to the topics addressed and have a clear European dimension. Applicants must also heed the technology readiness level (TRL) specified in the description of the topics as well as the funding volume.

Applicants must note the funding instrument applicable to their chosen topic. The nature of the funding instrument determines the relevant conditions for the application, particularly with regard to the focus of the research and innovation, funding rates, funding prerequisites, e.g. the minimum number of partners in the consortium, and the evaluation criteria.

The 2016/2017 work programme contains minimum requirements concerning the involvement of end users or practitioners for many of the topics. It is essential that these requirements, which are specified in the "Conditions of the call" section, are complied with when forming research alliances. Applicants are recommended to contact the end users/practitioners specified in the work programme at an early stage and to involve them in the application-writing process.

The funding instruments are listed on the European Commission Participant Portal.

Applications must be submitted via the European Commission Participant Portal and the deadlines specified in the work programme must be adhered to strictly.

General information about the application process can be found on the website of the BMBF’s EU Office.



Funding is granted on the basis of independent evaluation with grant preparations being opened for the highest-scoring proposals. The evaluation criteria for project proposals are excellence, impact and quality and efficiency of implementation open and competitive calls fpr proposals.

More information on evaluation of project proposals can be found on the European Commission Participant Portal.

It is extremely advisable for applicants to gain advance experience themselves by serving as experts in the evaluation of other projects. This gives them an insight into what is required of funding applications. To register as an expert, visit the European Commission Participant Portal.


Advice and support:

The BMBF provides support for end users, companies and research establishments in Germany through the National Contact Point for Security Research and the “German applicants fit for Europe” scheme.