“Fit for Europe” – Increasing visibility

As part of efforts to make national security research in Europe more visible, workshops are held in Brussels every year. Potential applicants can use these workshops to showcase their expertise and present the latest results from their projects. These events also provide a forum for dialogue between national and international actors in academic, institutional and industrial research, ministries, end users and representatives of the European Commission and the European Parliament.

“Fit for Europe” – Increasing visibility

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5th “Secure societies” workshop, 8-9 November 2016, in the “Comics Art Museum”, Brussels, Belgium (only avilable in German)


4th “Secure societies” workshop, 14-15 October 2015, in the “Autoworld” museum, Brussels, Belgium (only avilable in German)


3rd “Secure societies” workshop, 12-13 November 2014, in Brussels, Belgium (only avilable in German)


2nd “Secure societies” workshop, 17-18 October 2013, in the Solvay Library, Brussels, Belgium (only avilable in German)


1st “Secure societies” workshop, 26-27 November 2012, in Hotel Silken Berlaymont, Brussels, Belgium