“Fit for Europe” – Future Call and Call Now

The "Future Call" and "Call Now" schemes are intended to support the efforts of authorities and organisations with a security role plus small and medium-sized enterprises to form transnational European networks as well as helping them prepare their Horizon 2020 applications. The aim is to activate unexploited potential by increasing participation. 

"Fit for Europe" – Future Call Plus

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The results of an analysis of German applications for the 7th research framework programme show that there was considerable potential for growth compared to participation by other member states. German authorities and organisations with security responsibilities were also underrepresented in the European security research programme. To motivate them to apply, the "Future Call" an "Call Now" scheme supports suitable preparatory measures. The funding was provided at the individual project level. 


Completed projects:

Future Call

The objective behind “Future Call” was to form transnational European networks in order to promote the internationalisation of German end users and SMEs. It was particularly of interest to end users and SMEs looking to position themselves more as European players and to coordinate an EU project.

FutureCall2014: Funding codes 13N13597 to 13N13599

Fact sheet on FutureCall2014 projects (PDF file) (only available in German)

FutureCall2013: Funding codes 13N13030 to 13N13033

Fact sheet on FutureCall2013 projects (PDF file) (only available in German)


Call Now

This programme gave financial assistance to help end users and SMEs with the extensive preparatory work needed for an EU funding application. It was primarily intended for German-coordinated projects. In certain cases it was also possible for German partners to receive support for an application that they were not coordinating.

CallNow2015: Funding codes 13N13676 to 13N13678

Fact sheet on CallNow2015 projects (PDF file) (only available in German)

CallNow2014: Funding codes 13N13225 to 13N13228

Fact sheet on CallNow 2014 projects (PDF file) (only available in German)