“Fit for Europe” – Flagship projects

“Flagship projects” pool expertise to facilitate cooperation in overarching areas of European security research. The aim is to form a critical mass, nationally to begin with, which inspires at the European level and is therefore extremely appealing for other, particularly European, partners.

“Fit for Europe” – Flagship projects

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The flagship projects provide a framework within which new German-European research alliances can be created and existing ones strengthened. The second step is to use these alliances to form consortia and obtain European funding. Furthermore, these projects are intended to facilitate transfer between education and research. Research findings are to be incorporated into university education and training of, for example, end users. Flagship projects thus help to strengthen the” knowledge triangle” of education, research and innovation and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between universities, institutes, companies and end users in order to promote research and education in Europe.


Ongoing flagship projects:

BERKoS: Building European Consortia for Security Research

Funding codes  13N14425 to 13N14431

BERKoS project outline (PDF file) (only available in German)


Completed projects:

fit4sec: Centre of excellence for security and technology - Fit for Europe

Funding codes 13N12807 to 13N12810

fit4sec pursues the aim of pooling expertise in the German security sector so as to successfully form German-European research alliances with academic partners and end users. The intention was to significantly improve the baseline situation of German enterprises seeking to participate in European security research projects.

fit4sec project outline (PDF file) (only available in German)

KORSE: Network for Civil Security Law in Europe

Funding code 13N12489

The aim of KORSE was to increase the involvement of the German legal research community in European security research. To do this, the project is setting out to expand legal expertise of European significance and build networks between actors in Germany and Europe.

KORSE project outline  (PDF file) (only available in German)