Dialogue on Societal Aspects of Security Research

The Dialogue on Societal Aspects of Security Research provides a forum for the relevant social science disciplines from the realms of the humanities and social science, behavioural science, cultural studies, economics and law to consider cross-cutting issues such as "Security awareness and requirements in society", "Technological and economic issues of security" and "Societal agents of security".

The Dialogue on Societal Aspects of Security Research (in German: Fachdialog) is moderated by a consortium headed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research and supported by the "Wissenschaftliche Beratungskreis" (Scientific Advisory Committee or "WBK").

  • Representing the consortium are:
    Dr Nicholas Eschenbruch, Centre for Security and Society, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i. Br.
    Prof. Dr Stefan Kaufmann, Institute of Sociology, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
    Peter Zoche M.A., Freiburger Institut für angewandte Sozialforschung FIFAS e.V.
  • Experts on the WBK committee:
    Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg
    Prof. Dr Regina Ammicht Quinn, Project Director, "Ethics and Culture" section, research focus: security ethics, International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW), University of Tübingen
    Prof. Dr Ursula Birsl, Chair in Democratic Research, University of Marburg
    Prof. Dr Wolfgang Bonß, Chair in General Sociology and spokesman for the RISK Research Centre at Universität der Bundeswehr
    Prof. Dr Christopher Daase, Chair in International Organisation, "Normative orders" excellence cluster, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
    Prof. Dr Horst Entorf, Chair in Econometrics, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
    Prof. Dr Thomas Feltes M.A., Chair in Criminology, Criminal Policy and Police Science, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    Prof. Dr Christoph Gusy, Chair in Public Law, Constitutional Law and Constitutional History, Bielefeld University
    Prof. Dr Rita Haverkamp, Professor of Criminal Prevention und Risk Management, University of Tübingen
    Dr Martin Kahl, Institute of Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg
    Prof. Dr Hans-Jürgen Lange, President of the German Police University (German acronym: DHPol)
    Dr Peter Poerting, Head of Subdivision Criminology and Criminal Investigation Research and Advice, Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office)
    Prof. Dr Ralf Poscher, Institute of Political Science and Philosophy of Law, Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg
    Prof. Dr Birgitta Sticher, Professor of Psychology / Management Theory, Department of Police and Security Management at the Berlin School of Economics an Law
    Prof. Dr Hans Vorländer, Chair of Political Theory and History of Political Thought, Director of the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism and Democracy at the TU Dresden

The Scientific Advisory Committee for the Dialogue on Societal Aspects of Security Research also has the following tasks:

  • to pool existing activities, bring together the relevant players from the field of social science and establish ties with players outside the field (other subject areas and users);
  • to draw up best practice methods for linking up security research issues related to technological factors and aspects rooted in the humanities and social sciences;
  • to identify current and future research requirements; and
  • to pave the way for knowledge to be transferred to the public domain.