Cross-cutting issues and activities

The Federal Government’s “Research for civil security” framework programme is an investment in tomorrow’s security. Taking its cue from the High Tech Strategy, it pursues an integrated approach to research, incorporating the entire innovation chain from research to application. This requires joined-up thinking and action, involving a wide variety of actors and perspectives from the realms of science, business and society.

Querschnittsthemen und -aktivitäten / yosmanor

Natural disasters, terrorism, organised crime and major accidents do not recognise national borders. It is therefore impossible to deal with the current and future challenges facing civil security through national discourse alone. Instead, intensive knowledge-sharing is required at the European and international level.

The “Cross-cutting issues and activities” section of the programme brings together civil security research initiatives and funding programmes that foster national, European and international cooperation and networking in civil security research. In addition to bilateral research cooperation, this includes programmes to support German actors in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. National and cross-border approaches to standardisation, demonstration and pre-commercial procurement are also addressed.

Cooperation areas