Civil security research cooperation between German and Indian project partners

There is a decades-long tradition of collaborative research between Germany and India. The two countries have decided to build on this tradition and conduct joint research on strategies to increase civil security. Three bilateral pilot projects in different areas mark the start of this cooperation.

Kooperation in der zivilen Sicherheitsforschung zwischen deutschen und indischen Projektpartnern

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Ongoing research projects:

FloodEvac: Transport infrastructure vulnerability – Flood warnings and evacuation

Durch Hochwasser können Straßen unpassierbar werden.

Funding codes 13N13194 to 13N13200

Of the many challenges posed by flooding, the lack of information is the biggest problem for those in charge. One issue is determining whether transport routes can still be used. The FloodEvac project is developing methods and technologies with which to establish whether transport infrastructure is still safe to use. One aim is to develop a new underwater robot for assessing transport infrastructure damage in flooded areas. Simulation will also enable flood progression to be predicted so that rescue operations can be planned more effectively.

More information (only available in German)


INVOLVE: Initiate volunteerism to counter vulnerability

Freiwilligenarbeit beim Elbehochwasser 2013 bei Torgau in Sachsen.

Funding codes 13N13027 to 13N13029

Volunteering is a cornerstone of our society and a key force in disaster prevention and response. Intercultural comparison with India highlights the special factors that promote willingness to volunteer in disaster management in Germany. INVOLVE is analysing those factors and developing strategies with which to enlist the help of volunteers more effectively. It is also drawing up proposals for how training materials can be adapted to changing conditions.

More information (only available in German)


SenSE4Metro: Sensor-based security and emergency management system for underground metro systems during disaster events

Überschwemmte oder einsturzgefährdete U-Bahn-Tunnel sollen Fahrgästen nicht als Fluchtwege ausgewiesen werden.

Fraunhofer EMI

Funding codes 13N13039 to 13N13041

The German-Indian SenSE4Metro project is intended to improve security for underground passengers by means of new technical and organisational measures. The approach is based on an intercultural comparison of how large groups of people behave in different regions. The team are working on a new sensor-based system that will enable emergency responders to take rapid, targeted action. A computer program is also to be developed to provide interactive training for first responders on how to handle rare scenarios.

SenSE4Metro project outline (pdf) (only available in German)