Approved projects in the field of "Integrated protection systems for security and emergency services"

The central focus of the joint projects presented here is to develop innovative safety solutions designed to significantly enhance the performance and improve the protection of emergency and security services personnel. Reliable, safe and compatible technologies and tools are needed for communication and coordination in an emergency. It is also vital that personnel have equipment to protect themselves against warfare agents and harmful substances during operations. The teams working on the development of these high-performance, robust protection systems are placing particular emphasis on user-friendliness and the man-machine interface.

Integrierte Schutzsysteme für Rettungs- und Sicherheitskräfte.

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Completed joint projects:

AirShield: Airborne Remote Sensing for Hazard Inspection by Network Enabled Lightweight Drones

Ein Flugroboter unterstützt den Feuerwehreinsatz.

TU Dortmund

Funding codes 13N9834 to 13N9841

The aim of this joint project was to create a drone system that could investigate the situation on the ground from the air for a length of time suitable for a firefighting operation – even in adverse weather conditions. The data collected by the system is collated and processed in a new geodata and decision support system.

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I-LOV: Intelligent securing localising system for the rescue and extraction of trapped victims

Nach einem Erdbeben: Suche nach Verschütteten

Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk

Funding codes 13N9759 to 13N9772

The idea behind this joint project was to update and improve the emergency response procedure, which was originally specified back in 1942. The research was predominantly concerned with new techniques to considerably improve localisation of trapped and injured victims.

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Landmarke: Navigation infrastructure for firefighters

Einsatzkraft im Erkundungseinsatz

Fraunhofer FIT

Funding codes 13N9914 to 13N9916 and 13N9918 to 13N9920

The objective of this joint project was to develop a new type of communication system for firefighters and emergency service workers, using innovative, interactive landmarks.

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LUMITEX: Textiles with electroluminescent properties for safety clothing and technical applications

Funding codes 13N9503 to 13N9509

The overall aim of this research project was to develop electroluminescent textiles for high-visibility safety clothing. The team worked on ways of producing intelligently switchable light effects for textiles, developing electrically conductive and luminescent pastes that can be printed onto or knitted into garments. The potential applications range from safety clothing for road workers and police officers to active protective suits for firefighters. 

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SAFE: Semipermeable suits for rescue forces

Entscheidend beim Einsatz: Speziell ausgestattete Schutzkleidung.

Landesfeuerwehrschule Hamburg

Funding codes 13N9803 to 13N9810

The project developed innovative protective suits for firefighters and disaster management personnel, based on new adsorbent materials. The suits will make for better safety and comfort and enable emergency service personnel to work for longer periods. The suits also have built-in communication modules so that personnel can be easily located.

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SensProCloth: Integrated sensory protective clothing for firefighters and disaster management personnel

Spezielle Sensoren in der Kleidung: Sie übermitteln Umgebungs- und Körperparameter, damit die Einsatzkräfte optimal geschützt sind.

Feuerwehr Stuttgart

Funding codes 13N9900 to 13N9908

The goal of this joint project was to develop integrated sensory protective clothing for firefighers and disaster management personnel. The team’s idea was to create an in-garment data capture and communication system with localisation features to support operations and help initiate rescue and aid activities for the various emergency services.

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